Anonymous sent: May i ask why did you leave?

Let’s just say a lot of things happened along the way which consists mostly of laziness, very long artblock season, and overall…well…plain lazy to come back here really

3DS Friendcode reply post!

A bit tl;dr so all replies to friendcode post goes under cut.

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This might come off sudden considering how i haven’t been on here lately but to anyone who’s following me that owns a 3DS and plays pokemon XY and doesn’t mind exchanging FCs, does anyone wants to exchange their codes with mine? It’s okay i’m not doing anything weird I JUST NEED MORE FRIEND SAFARIS TO HUNT SHINY POKEMONS IN. It would be great if any of you has eevees though (you know how hard it is to pokeradar chain one of them outside) and i don’t really mind if you have mostly ordinary pokemon in your safaris. I just hunt shinies, really.

My 3DS FC is 0302-1008-4614, and my safari is Ghost type. Just leave me a reply or an ask if you added me and i’ll add you right back. I’ll delete this post later so yeah.

Sorry for not being on here lately, i haven’t been drawing much of late ahhh

katzsharky-deactivated20140227 sent: Sorry to disturb >< but i bought one of your art work during CF and i didnt manged to buy the levi and eren badges, are you planning to be in any future events? cause i really want to get those badges QAQ.. (i was spending my christmas night just to find your artwork) THANKS!

Hiya, no prob lol thanks for buying that ib print. :) Well i only attend comic fiesta so i’ll probably be selling the leftovers during the event next year. You’ll have to wait until then, are you okay with waiting that long though? ;; If you can’t wait that long i could mail them to you, but that would cost a bit of an extra for posting fees if you don’t mind?