Hellooo i just got back from comic fiesta which ended like last sunday, and i’ve had a lot of fun. Mostly from the company with friends etc. I’d write a report about it but regretfully i caught a mild stomach bug last night before i came back today so i don’t…really…have the energy to right now orz

I didn’t buy a lot of stuff since i was too lazy to move around and if i do i’d be really broke because all the merchandises this year are super high quality oh my god. Surprised to see there’s quite a lot of ib merchs this year. Most of the stuffs i got are from friends.

Also there was a slenderman……..

Doujin stuff wise we’ve sold out all the SMT books, thank you very much to everyone who bought it~ and my ib badges too lol Garry was especially popular… 

That said, see you guys again next year’s CF~

Merry christmas, hee ho